Extatic Tantric Massage London – Erotic Bliss And Sensual Rapture

Extatic Tantric presents: the hottest, the sexiest and the most popular tantric massage London ladies! Expensive upmarket service, for elite clientèle only!

Extatic Tantric is a premium Tantric massage agency in London, featuring finest selection of the most sexy and alluring masseuses, providing fast and reliable top-notch service for London’s residence and guests. We specialize in visiting mobile massage, so you can invite one of our stunning masseuses to your hotel or home (this is an outcall massage option, which is available for Central London only).

Tantric massage London service that we offer is the most classy and sophisticated in the UK capital. Our masseuses are gorgeous and our receptionist is full of ice breaking charm to put you at ease if you are new to tantric massage and to cheer a seasoned tantric voyager for further adventures.

Erotic Massage London Treatment – Supreme Sophistication and Wellbeing

We are proud to bring you the finest upmarket service, so Extatic Tantric can be the final stop in your search for the best erotic massage in London. Where therapeutic effects of a regular massage blend with the ancient wisdom of Tantra, magic happens. Brought to you by our gorgeous, sophisticated, stylish and well-groomed masseuses, (goes without saying professional, experienced and fully trained as well), tantric massage becomes an unforgettable sensual therapy, unsurpassable in its erotic sensations of supreme delicacy, being curative, restorative and rejuvenating at the same time.

The art of the tantric massage stems from centuries old traditions, and its techniques are very well tuned. The methods used in these erotic massages include several that are time tested. Not only are these massage and relaxation arts coming out of the Far East Tantra, but also several western methods are included. You will find that the masseuses you meet are beautiful, classy, trained and know how to give you what you came for.

We provide you with upscale, sophisticated and refined tantric massage London service. You will never have to worry about getting a second rate experience, and you will dream to come back for more soon!

Sensual massage therapy – happy ending body to body massage

What can be more pleasant than being sexually rewarded and enhance your well-being at the same time? Sensual massage in London is a rare, unique opportunity to experience the best of both worlds – profound therapeutic effects of a regular massage and erotic joys of body to body massage with happy ending. During sensual massage session your masseuse will be using not only her trained hands, but also her gorgeous body to deliver you maximum pleasure. This is what body to body (b2b) massage means – not limiting the massage to the use of hands, but going further, transcending standards and limitations – her naked body is used to massage your naked one.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, feeling the exuberance after a nude massage is an experience like no other. There are many advantages to this type of de-stressing, which includes the feel of something erotic to give a change to the daily routine.

Lingam Massage (With Optional Prostate Massage) – Unrestricted Pleasures

This is a cherry on the top of your tantric massage cake – the moment of sexual release after an hour (or even more!) of sophisticated erotic play. Lingam (or lingham) is how tantra calls male sex organ. Culminate point of tantric massage is lingam massage. It is performed by hand, but it’s is not your average hand job. It is delicate and sophisticated way to bring you to the summits of erotic pleasure, using special millennia-old techniques that tantra accumulated and refined through generations of devoted practitioners. Specifically designed and skillfully performed massage moves that are used to arouse and release the lingam will give you erotic sensations of highest intensity, and we can guarantee you that after tantric massage London session with happy ending lingam massage you will feel more sexually accomplished than after virtually any sexual entertainment London can offer.

For the most adventurous and open minded of you we also offer prostate massage as a compliment to your lingam massage. Prostate massage is called sacred spot massage in tantra, because it is believed that the prostate gland is a magic spot, akin to the famous female G-spot in vagina, that, when properly stimulated, allows man to experience the most profound orgasms. It is not painful, as some people think, it’s only highly pleasurable. And no, you are not risking becoming a gay for trying it!

Full Body Orgasm – The Highest Goal of Tantra

The very essence of sensual erotic massage is that you are not only relaxed, but also ecstasy filled. Plus, tantric massage is not an ordinary sexual stimulation, but an erotic experience that is felt throughout the entire body.

For those who wish to go really advanced, special breathing techniques and visualizations can be used to give you a chance to experience the whole body orgasm. Yes it’s possible indeed, but requires practice, and, believe it or not, you can feel orgasmic sensations in your whole body, not only in your sex organ! It happens when all your body, from head to toes, become as sensitive as your lingham, and every cell of it climaxing in the outcry of supreme ecstasy, expanding your boundaries beyond ordinary and bringing you to the next level of sexual satisfaction, as well as to the next level of existence as a whole, where new perspectives become open to you, totally novel ways of perception, being and feeling are discovered and the secrets of life are disclosed. Incomparable and ineffable, full body orgasm is one of the highest goals of Tantra, which aims to use sexual energy not only for enjoyment and entertainment (though there is nothing wrong with it too!), but also for growth in consciousness and evolutionary development.
Sexy massage in London – designed for adults

The explicit erotic component of tantric massage London means that it is an adult massage, aimed at adult audience only. You must be over 18 years old to enjoy it and we reserve the right to ask you for the ID if in doubt.

Extatic Tantric Massage London Services

Extatic Tantric massage London can have many different variations and there are no set in stone techniques. On our service page we outline basic erotic massage London packages that we offer and you are welcome to design your own! The only service that is out of the menu is sex – please do not ask for this. Extatic Tantric massage, despite its erotic nature, is a massage service nonetheless. Thank you for understanding and welcome to the world of tantra!

Do you wish that you could melt away your daily stresses? It is not uncommon to find yourself wishing that you could just relax and unwind, but wouldn’t it be lovely to do it in the erotic way? Allow one of our enchantresses to take sensual care of you! As her magic hands dance around your body, finding all the most sensitive spots, paying attention to every muscle and every area of accumulated tension, you start to fall into sweet relaxation, while the waves of erotic ecstasy sweep over you, wiping out the last remnants of your daily stresses and concerns, obliterating all your worries and rightly deeming them as nothing but passing sensations, opening for you the deepest level of your being, which is pure joy, love and vitality. Completely gorgeously naked, unpardonably sensual and irresistibly seductive, your tantric massage London therapist knows well how to tease you and please you, how to arouse and relax you, how to give you the most erotic nude massage and how to turn this sensual naked massage into the supreme sensory delight.

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